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I am Professor of Infectious Disease Genomics at the University of Oxford. I hold a Robertson Fellowship at the Big Data Institute, part of Oxford Population Health, and serve as Director of Studies in Data Science at the Department for Continuing Education. My research is supported by the Wellcome Trust and Robertson Foundation. I am a collaborator with the Modernising Medical Microbiology consortium based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, and Associate Member of the Department of Statistics.

My research interests are in the genetic risk of infectious disease and the evolution of pathogen populations, which I study through comparative genome analysis. I develop new tools for data analysis, and help facilitate infection research through collaborative projects. My research activity focuses on the analysis of bacterial diseases and populations, but I also work on viruses and non-pathogenic microorganisms. Motivating themes in my work are understanding the inheritance of virulence and susceptibility and the effects of transmission, natural selection and recombination in shaping pathogen diversity. I have investigated the evolution of pathogen populations from the colonization of individual hosts and transmission between hosts, through to the whole-species and phylogenetics levels.

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You can find further details of my research interests, lab members, publications and CV on this website. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions about the website or my research. You can download my software for genomic analysis here.

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